Big playing problem

So… we switched today to mAirlist… and - problems.

This was the playlist… for 19 and 20 hrs…

In 19:01 the playout stopped. It was on AUTO and just - stopped and deleted file from player. I had to add manual that show…

Also, I added the next few shows. BUT!!! Big wuestion is - why did it stoped anfer some minute of playing thet file/show???

I’m understanding your frustration, but…did you take a look in the system log file?

I think we really can’t guess here what happened.

If I remember correctly you asked a lot of things to tweak mAirlist over the last weeks.

So maybe there’s something that caused this by a script or setting.

It‘s no normal behaviour and works fine on hundreds of mAirlist installations in generell.

Didn‘t you do a 24/7 test for a week or so before going live with it?

I must appologize, it was the problem on our side. I havent checked the file location. It was on different network path where we have changed the host name. False alarm.

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