Backtiming question

My musictemplates starts with the Start Hour Marker (with default fixed time), followed by a commercial block backtimed.
I’ve noticed that the commercial block is not backtimed but it starts at the top of the hour, while it should end at the top of the hour.
How can I solve this?


Put it before the start of hour marker. Or at the end of the hour if that makes more sense for you.

Also make sure you use “Append database playlist” in your hourly event so that the new playlist is loaded a bit ahead of time. (Don’t forget to check the “Load next hour” marker in the action settings.)

By the way, it’s an hour template, not a music template :slight_smile:

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Torben currently when I load next hour into playlist it replaces everything but the playing item how do I get it to stop that?

Use the „Append database playlist“ action instead.

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