b677: Mixdown does not add file extension

I finally got around to trying a Mixdown, and when prompted for an output filename, I typed Test Mixdown, confidently expecting that mAirList would add the .mp3 extension (why else would the extension be required in the Mixdown profile?), especially since the dialog showed the correct extension in the Files Of Type dropdown.

But … I got an MP3 file named Test Mixdown (without any extension). If this isn’t a bug, then I’ll need to document that you DO need to type the FULL file name including the extension.

Also, I think the mixdown progress dialog could be improved:

[ul][li]It would be nice to see the Artist(s) as well as the Title of the item currently being mixed down.[/li]
[li]It would be nice to have an ‘x of y’ progress indicator (like 3 of 21) to show how many items have been processed/remain.[/li]
[li]I think the Title/Artist/x of y should be at the top of the dialog, and the ‘time’ indicator at the bottom.[/li][/ul]


Fixed in b682.