Azure SQL - Unable to generate playlists

Following on from the previous thread, we seem to have difficulty generating playlists using the Generate Playlist command in mAirList.

Whenever we try and run this command, we get the following error. NB - As per the other thread regarding Azure, other aspects of the system are working. We are able to use the Azure DB OK using the suggested SQL Native Client.

Log at - We are using the trial before migrating out full license over to this system.

That bug report you uploaded is from before you switched to Native Client, right? It is dated 01 June.

You are 100% correct. I wasn’t aware the bugreport.txt file appended every time and wrongly assumed that it was a new file (so only one bug report woudl be in there).

After realising that bugs are appended, the error in question was:
exception message : Unknown database: mAirListDB:{32F0AA97-3EFF-4373-AF4C-AED5A4578652}.

This turns out to be because events.mle hadn’t been updated with the new DB ID since migrating.

Appologies and thank you :slight_smile:

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