Autocolour folders


just reading the scripting section and in the mass tag attributes script, i found one that allows you to say mass colour pre-recs or music beds etc.

What i was wondering is whether there could be a way that we set a rule for a folder, so that when an item is added to it, it becomes automatically tagged by mairlist.

EXAMPLE - you do a pre rec and then solve it to a pre-rec folder. Then, when the file is added to a playlist it is displayed in a specific way. e.g. highlighted grey with red text.

Would this be possible? it may be something that comes with the database? Could a temporary way be introduced??


First of all, the foreground color cannot be changed, only the background color. This is what you set as the color in the Properties dialog.

Auto-setting the color of items imported from certain folders has been requested before. I think I should implement this one day :wink:

As a work-around, you can write an OnTimer script, executed once per second or so, which scans the playlist and sets the color of all items according to your needs.

so the on timer script seems the solution for now.

Could somebody post this script in the script folder please??

Thanks Torben