Auto play question

I’ve come accross a problem with my “simple” layout. It keeps playing things automatically when I drag them from the browser into the playlist. The first item is fine - it waits until I press play. But all subsequet items play as soon as they are dragged to the playlist.

I use “automation at startup” script, and have ensured that line is deleted which used to cause this to happen:

procedure OnStartup;


I’m pretty sure a week or so ago it wasn’t doing this, so it looks like I’ve accidentally done something which has changed this. Any ideas???

Thanks, Glyn

If you leave the Playlist Automation “armed”, ie: it’s in Auto and you’ve hit Play on the toolbar - then when the playlist runs out, it’ll stay “armed” and will start playing any audio added instantly. You need to either click the stop button or put it into Assist mode.

Oh dear - that’s a bit of a “fly in the ointment”. Is there a way to get it to “unarm” at after completing a playlist?

Add the following lines to your script (before the final begin…end). This should do the trick.

procedure OnPlaylistEmpty(PlaybackControl: IPlaybackControl; Playlist: IPlaylist);

Brilliant - it works!


And by the way - you can also insert an “Automation Break Point” item (from the Insert menu) at any place in your playlist. mAirList will stop playing then, waiting for you to click Play again.