Audio Wall

Hi Torben,

I just wondered, now that the Database has arrived whether it would be possible to get an Audio Wall - similar to that in Myriad…

As all items in the database have their own ID, it would mean making that number link up with a button on an audio-wall - i’m aware i make it sound simple when im sure its far from :slight_smile:

I just feel that something of this nature would make a very impressive feature, i could then set X number of players at the bottom of my screen that i could drag’N’drop onto from the audio wall.

Many Thanks

I don’t know much about Myriad. In which respect is the Audio Wall different from mAirList’s Cartwall? Are the elements of the Audio Wall players of their own, or do you need to drag the items onto a player first in order to play them?

Hi Torben, basically the AudioWall in Myriad is a bank of all available audio within the library.

You are able to navigate to each page of audio or record directly to a reserved bank of carts for voicetracking, recording live calls for later replay etc.

Playout is through a bank of players and not from the Audio Wall.

Kind Regards tony

Personally, I’ve never understood the appeal of an ‘audio wall.’ How the heck are you supposed to FIND anything in it?

To me, a properly searchable database is MUCH better.


The Audiowall is essentially a “cart rack” - every item assigned a cart number, therefore the weather jingle is always cart 50 and the news out is always 55 for example. Cad’s right, it’s a pain to find things as unless you’re bulk importing a library - it won’t always be A-Z. There’s also the planning aspect: cart/cut-ranges: Ads 1-999, Songs 1000-19999 etc. But it keeps ye olde radio folk who feel at home with racks of carts happy :slight_smile: You can search the Audiowall and Myriad does have a database but unless you know the numbers off by heart, it is a pain to navigate.

EncoDAD is similar - whilst the database/library is the main way to find things, every cut has a unique number. This makes automated recording and updating (of the same cut) simple.

I don’t know if an “Audiowall” would make mAirList any easier to use - but perhaps a more flexible database viewer with columns that can be defined (like the Playlist). Presenters want to find a song that is about 2:57s to fill before the news or one with a 20s intro ramp so they can read a promo script over it etc…

Good thought on a configurable DB browser, Charlie. :slight_smile: (cf. the ability to configure Playlist columns)

I’d definitely vote for that rather than an ‘audiowall,’ which as you correctly say is a somewhat antique technique. Not to mention that mAirListDB assigns ‘cut numbers’ (aka the ID field) in sequential order of import/synchronisation of Storages, so any mAirList ‘audiowall’ wouldn’t achieve the same function as the Myriad AudioWall, because you can’t assign ranges of numbers to specific types of audio. :smiley: