Audio Input

Please excuse my English is bad!

I wish I had an audio input in Mairlist.
That way I could input a satellite source, for example!
the ideal would be to insert an “audio input” in the playlist or events.


To make a long story short:

MAirList is an intelligent playout system. (Think of a bunch of CD players with a DJ that is fast as light when picking up a CD from archive and precise as a swiss watch when starting jingles, calculating backtiming… , which is willingly logging each file you ordered him to play and helps you as you work or does it fully automated).
MAirList has NO mixing functions (except the possibility to route all MAirList players to one stereo-pair of analog outputs)
Mixing of Signals is to be done on an external mixer. And that’s where your analog signal should be processed, too.
As well, broadcasting (whatever kind of transmission you use) is done by another piece of hardware, e.g. a PC that does the encoding.

MAirList is NOT a full internetradio solution (there seems to be a software called SAM broadcaster that does this - but this is not the right place to discuss about this).

Well, there is a way to accomplish this. mAirList can mute an unmute inputs on any (Windows mixer compatible) sound card. So what you would do is:

  1. Plug the satellite source into the Line In input of your sound card.

  2. Mute Line In in Windows Mixer.

  3. Add a “Silence” playlist item in mAirList.

  4. Double click that item to open its Properties dialog, go to the “Actions” page, and in the “on start” and “on stop” lists, add a “unmute mixer channel” and “unmute mixer channel” action, respectively.

When you play this silence item, mAirList will turn on and off the live feed as you start and stop it.


… that should be “unmute” and “mute,” respectively, of course.

And perhaps I should add that you cannot control where the output from the Line In source will appear: it will always be on the output of the same sound card as the Line In, and you can’t change that. If that suits your purposes, then fine.

stageradio75 is right: ideally, you should attach ‘other’ sources to a mixer channel and not to mAirList. The only reason I can think of to use an external source within mAirList would be to schedule when the external source is opened and closed. Again, if that’s what SEB37 wants to do, then fine.

If the intention is to automate the scheduling of the live feed, you would also need to set the duration of the Silence appropriately, as well as giving the associated Silence item a fixed time in its Properties.


Seb37… your english is very very bad ! :wink:
You should have posted it in german ! ;D My friend…

I believe he wants to use the stream encoder in mAirList. So he’s looking for a way to feed external signals to the stream encoder.
Not sure as I do not use the built-in encoder…
But that’s what it looks like for me.


Perhaps Seb should clarify what exactly he is going to accomplish. Feeding a live signal into the encoder is no big deal. Although I think there’s still actions missing for turning the live feed on and off.

I’ll try to explain, tommorrow .


maybe you could explain it better in another language. I can translate for french, spanish and portuguese (and luxembourguese ;D )
Dutch should also be not of a problem…

Sorry but out of your explanations I even get more puzzled. Maybe I read it again by tomorrow.

Good night!

Who am I to disagree with Mr. MAirList himself :slight_smile: