Audio device settings do not save


I have just started using the 6.3.2 version of mAirlist.

After setting up my sound card in Audio devices, these settings do not save.
Each time i open mAirlist i am having to reset sound card outputs.
I also tried saving these setting to a file - Settings also fail to rstore from file.

6 3 2 Audio devices
Please assist

Does it happen when you close mAirList and start it again without restarting the computer? :thinking:

Now resolved, thanks for listening…

I’m not sure if it was the correct thing to do but I saved the file Audio device .ini file to C:\ProgramData\mAirList\6.3\config (there was not one in that location)
and now it seems to be working. correctly.

Problem could be due to using remote desktop intermittently.

Settings were disappearing anytime the mairlist was closed.