Attributes not saved in MMD file

Hi Torben,

I tried tonight to create an attributes element with a list of value (3 values). The name of the attribute is “Type” and the values are “Song;Radio_item;Other”.

First, when I go to the file tagger, at the “Attributes” tab, the attribute is not visible. I have to write it to see the combobox with the values…
On the other hand, I selected a value and clicked upon the “Metadatafile”. The MMD file created, but the attribute is not saved…

Quite strange…
Could you check it ? I have to “tag” all my items with this attribute for future script ideas…

Thanks Torben.


Am I the only one that I’ve seen this bug ? Is it only on my mAirlist ?


I am also using some Tags but have not had problems with them yet. I am currently using an older mAirlist Version (2.X).


Ok. So, we can tell that the bug is in mairlist v3, not in mairlist v2.x

I seem to remember Torben specifically warning that V3 saves MMDs in a slightly different format from V2, and that you should NOT use V3 to ‘tag’ files that you also wish to use with V2.

In other words, V3 is still at a somewhat ‘buggy’ and slightly incomplete stage, so you should not be using it as your ‘production’ or ‘on air’ version. For the moment, you should use V2.


i read your answer and understand that the mmd file is not downward compatible. But does it automatically mean that i can not use the older version on V3? means i must tag them all again?



mAirList will (almost) always be able to read files from older versions. So it is downward compatible, but not upward.

In very few cases, support for legacy files is dropped after a certain (long) period, but usually, you can still use a version from in between to convert the old files to the new format.

Regarding the original post, it seems that I have missed it. I will have to investigate it.