Application closing and playlist protection

I was going to post this in the feature requests but I wanted to first make sure these options are not available. I did all the digging I could do in the configuration and the preliminary English handbook.

[ul][li]A prompt to confirm you want to close the mAirlist program when clicking the X. The only time it does this is if you make a change to the desktop or playlist, but what if you don’t.

[/li][li]An option to add a modifier(shift, alt, or ctrl) when deleting playlist entries to basically protect from accidental deletion.[/li][/ul]


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I can answer your first question but I don’t know about your second. Yes, you can add password protection. Once you click the X, a dialog will ask you for a password. Go to the config utility and find the passwords section. Enter the one for closing the program and it’s also a good idea to enter one to prevent users from going into the config utility.

Regards, Alec

Correct, Alec. It’s Config, Miscellaneous, Passwords.

Also, there is not currently any option to add a keyboard modifier to Delete in the Playlist.