'Allow autoselect' flag


This is probably a basic question but as part of ‘the upcoming mAirListDB database’, will it be possible to have a flag on each record/audio file to signify if this record(/audio item) can be chosen automatically by a compiler/scheduler?

For example your database will probably contain a lot of audio tracks in case they are needed (e.g. if someone requests the song) but you would not necessarily want an automatic compiler/scheduler to choose some of the tracks you have available.

An alternative option would be to separate the audio into different folders (‘worth playing’ and ‘only if I must’) and get the compiler to only look in the ‘worth playing’ folder but a simple ‘Autoselectable’ check box in each record would probably be neater.



I don’t think it’s a great idea :frowning: It will add a functionnality not really necessary because there is another way to do this.

By the way, with others professional scheduler software, it is not managed with a tickbox. For obtaining what you previously explained, you just have to create a category untitled “If I must” (if you want…), and store all your items you don’t want to be scheduled by the scheduler.
After that, when you will create clock for generating broadcasting logs, you just have to pick categories you want to be scheduled and not the “If I must” category. This category will be accessible but not scheduled (because it won’t be in a clock)…

There is no sense to put in broadcasting categories some elements that don’t have to be broadcasting automatically…
However, with other professionnal scheduler software, there are some others way for not allowing items from a category to not be scheduled (like daypart restrictions). :smiley:

Fair points.

As long as it is possible to exclude some audio then that is all I wanted.

Guess we will just have to wait and see what the upcoming mAitListDB has to offer.