Advanced Overlaps

Just had a thought regarding the Fade Out point - It may be beneficial for the Fade Out to become a Segue Point, so that the next item can start but not fade the current item. This would allow voicetrack audio files to play out of a song, but not fade the outgoing track. If the transition between the 2 files could be made more graphical (ie: dragging markers/shapes like this) - it would allow nice overlaps to be created. The playlist can then be saved, and the Fade/Overlap point is only valid for that playlist.

If a DJ is there to supervise the levels, he can ride the faders and create quite a nice mix :wink:

Someone told me that other automation software has additional “start next” cue points. This must be the same thing you’re looking for. It shouldn’t be too difficult to implement, but I’m not sure whether it is essential for the 2.0 release.


I don’t think is essential. But it’s only because you’re Segue Cut Point also happens to be the Fade Out Point. Many systems just have a Segue Point and a then a global setting to fade out after a a given period. Obviously there are situations where you’d want songs to fade out (like into a music jingle) and not (a dry voiceover). Perhaps the Outro Point could become the Segue Point (as the progress bar can help show status) ? It’s a difficult one to call.

This would then require audio items to have a Genre/Type like: MUSIC, DRY, JINGLE etc so that mAirList knows what it’s doing :wink: