Ad Logs / Regional Playout - Configuration

I work for a station where we recently purchased Mairlist and installed it. Must say absolutely and has been running brilliantly. We split the adverts for each transmission site / area which I am trying to configure at the moment but struggling. Are any guides available for this or can anyone help me?

I need to find out:

  • Where you configure the soundcards for each regional outputs (will only be seperate ads)
  • Do I then need to wrap the ads in regional containers?
  • I have documented the region in config, do I then need to create separate regions in database despite music and programmes being the same but ads seperate?
  • Configure Ads for each split to come out of the assigned soundcard rather than carts on the screen.


I hope someone can help!

First, you must enter the names of the regions in mAirListConfig (Advanced -> Regionalization). Then restart mAirListConfig. Do this for all PCs.

When you return to the config, go to the Audio Devices page, and you will notice that additional nodes, one for each region, appeared under the playback/PFL nodes for all players. Set this to the desired sound card outputs.

To schedule the content, use region containers and add the items to the respective playlists on the “Content” tab.

Hi Torben,
Can you force ads to come out of one player for each region? That is the issue we are having e.g. Music to come out of Players 1-3 and then have a separate player to start the ads for example players 4 and 5, which then just fires separate ad logs to each region?


You don’t need separate players. That’s the point about the Region Containers - their output is automatically routed away from the default playback sound card to the per-region devices you set in the config. So you can play them from any player just like any other (music) element.

Aahhh ok. Thanks for this. I didn’t realise the additional playback options we just for the regional containers. Thanks for this!