About mAirlist and Xml

No it not so simple. GetRootFolder as Torben say is the string in Advanced -> Data Folders so there is a .

As programmer you not can leave a a function like GetRootFolder whitout a ending slash. So i dont think that is the problem.

Torben only needs to validate the output from GetRootFolder.

How you can recreate the error
Create new app, drop TSaveDialog and TButton on the form. Set SaveDialog1.FileName=’:=’
And viola!


GetRootFolder includes the trailing backslash by definition.

Ok, I finally found the reason for the problem. There’s an extra backslash in the middle Root Folder path, in between the system shared application data path and the “mAirList\3.0” bit. That shouldn’t be a problem for most file operations, but obviously, the open/save dialogs can’t handle it.

I’m uploading Build 662 as a snapshot. Thanks for your help, guys.

No problem…


That would explain it, all right. :smiley:

Happy to help, as always.


The first comment i get om my company today when i describe
the problem was “diden`t you know that”. :slight_smile:


Well, I didn’t. I still don’t think it’s a proper design. But well, Microsoft…