Ability to "reset" a time-triggered event when adjusting internal clock

The ability to manually change the internal clock is a powerful feature that supports event testing during playlist development and operator training. However we have found that once the event(s) for the simulated hour have fired, they will not re-fire even if the clock is wound back to before the event fire time.

An example of the current behaviour. We have an event that loads the next hour’s list if the system is in automation mode. The event is defined to fire at HH:58. If I set the internal clock to a time before HH:58 in an arbitrary hour, the next hour’s list will load when the internal clock reaches HH:58. However if I reset the clock again for the same arbitrary hour, nothing happens at HH:58.

It would be really helpful if any events scheduled for a “simulated” hour could be reset whenever the internal time is changed.

Thanks for your consideration.


Actually, the events are supposed to update automatically when you adjust the clock (has done so since v6.1.11 or so). Turned out it didn’t work properly in all cases.

Please try new snapshot 4331.

Thank you Torben. Snapshot 4331 works in the use case I described in my earlier post. Tested multiple times with different days and times.

Our trainers will love this feature.