A Fade lenght in automation next.

Hi Torben,
Will be possible to set a speciall fade duration for automation next? For example, fade duration in automation is ok, but when i am playing some track, have a short jingle in playlist and use 2 players, sometimes when jingle stops, few tones of previous track is fading after it and is mixing with next track. I know, I can set fade duration for every track, but it’s a hard work. :wink: Or, perhaps you have other idea to prevent it?

Have you tried changing the default fade length in Confiuguration?

I use a default fade length of three seconds (3000 milliseconds) instead of the standard default of five seconds. This considerably reduces the number of tracks which need a fade length set individually.


Ofcourse, and in many ways it’s good, but sometimes in short jingle in the playlist it’s too long.

Doesnt the next track start anyway at the end of the jingle. even if its fading out the other, it cuts across the top of it. Does on mine anyway.

Have you also set the default cue in/out and fade out points?