2.1.42 Build 461 - PFL issues

Hi, been playing with 2.1.42 tonight and when I go to PFL an MP3 from the playlist (right-click, PFL) and save to file tag I’ll get the following error on every file, regardless of whether its loaded in a player or not:

‘Error saving file tag: Cannot open file “filename.mp3”. The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process’

Tried turning file management on and off (is that even still an issue?).


You cannot use the “Save to tag” feature on a file which is currently loaded into a player (ordinary player or cart player), because the item will be locked on disk while it is loaded.

Save to tag does only work in Extra PFL, or if you enable BASS.DLL file management and decide to load the files into RAM before opening (see the BASS.DLL config page and the device config dialogs).

You can also use MMD files instead.

I’m unable to save to file tag in the File Tagger application either.

Has this error occured only recently in the latest version?


Fixed in v.43 and Snapshot #466 (just being uploaded).

[THINKS: Am I the only mAirList user who saves all their item and tagging data to MMD files?!!]

I don’t save tagging info in MP3s, I always save to MMD files. MMD format has the advantages that:

[ul][li]It reduces ‘tag clutter’ within MP3s.[/li]
[li]It can be read and processed by any program which can parse XML files, including (for example) Excel and Word.
(An MMD file is merely a text file containing well-formed XML data.)[/li][/ul]

Just my ‘tuppence worth!’ :slight_smile:


Yep, I use MMD - and so does Phoenix FM.